Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Last Daughter

The Last Daughter

By Micaela Bicknell

The sky has been dark for many years.
You were gone from my life before I was born,
and love was not an option.

Accusations flew,
resentment hides,
to fester and wait for primetime.

A child waits eagerly for hugs
and kisses goodnight, ones that will
never come. Lovely reddish brown curls
haphazardly separated into two uneven

Soft flannel pink night gown
covering from neck to ankle,
sitting cross-legged,
ears straining to hear footsteps
on the stairs.

Pillow full of tears,
heart full of hope,
this little girl fears,
that life is just a joke.

A girl is to adore her father,
and become her mother.

This fate was escaped
on a hot August night,
still clinging to the hope,
that it would end all right.

Joyous cries
Love, hugs, goodbye.
Hate, seething anger
ever since that awful
morning in June.

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