Thursday, June 14, 2012

Safe, Fear, Love, Loss

Safe, Fear, Love, Loss

By Micaela Bicknell

A soft, green hill,
Green in sight and smell.
Soft, like a warm embrace,
Music of fluttering wings
And buzzing bees.

Dark, musty, old food,
Broken down chair where he laid his head.
Yelling, screaming, wishing
Longing for death.
She is the Queen and master of everyone.
Overpowering, overbearing
Too much for 4 walls to contain.
No space to breathe, no room to grow.
She, evil, love-me-not hell.

Hands callused, yet soft in touch,
Eyes blue as a summer sky & grey as a storm,
Arms of strength for a gentle embrace,
A heart with love for three
A smile, a kiss.

Wizened, wrinkled face with kind eyes,
Lips that encouraged, loved & never shamed,
Arms opened wide, longing, always just out of reach,
Heart that never shrank or closed,
Till one sweet day, he went home.

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